Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fabulous Winnings & Some Souvenirs

I had so much fun putting together a giveaway for the 2nd annual Cottage Charm Giveaway hosted by Kim on May 31st. There were so many great giveways to sign up for, it was so fun!
Let me tell you how shocked I was though, my name was drawn as the winner of a giveaway!
Looky what I won!!!
Sarah from My So Called Junky Life put together an outstanding giveaway.
Isn't everything wrapped so cute?
Can you believe all the wonderful generous gifts she gave away!? Lots of cool stuff...
like fabulous vintage wrapping paper, trims, flowers, buttons, sachets, hanger, crystal & pearl ornament, porcelain bowl, lace cuff, pink enamel pin and a sweet dolly. I've been spoiled!
Sarah made this lace cuff and embellished it with a sparkly vintage rhinestone button - I just love it!
And look how cute she put togther all the trims she sent. I love love love all the old millinery!
Make sure you check out her blog here and her store here. She sells lots of great stuff!
Thanks so much Sarah! I'm so happy I won, and I appreciate your generosity so much!


As promised, here are a few pictures of the souvenirs I bought on vacation.
Here is what I picked up at the Rose Bowl Flea market. Overall, I'm really happy with what I found. Like I said before, I was discouraged at first with the prices and with the vendors not really eager to deal much. Anyways, I did end up with a few decent buys...
I love half dolls, and I'm always looking for half doll pincushions. This one was reasonably priced and she's so pretty too. I picked up the Japan bisque baby since he was only 5 bucks. I couldn't pass up the vintage tablecloth because of the gorgeous roses. But, my biggest treasure of the day was the sterling mesh purse. It's a beauty!
My mom, the girls and I managed to do a little thrift store shopping too. This is what I found...
a chandelier (I took most of it apart), a tall ashtray(for parts), doilies, vintage seam binding, old thread, vintage forget-me-nots, and a cute old clown figurine.
I've already put together a petite chandelier combining the parts from both the ashtray and the chandelier. I'll show you all soon how it turned out.
And here's what I found while antiquing in Pomona. Just click on the picture for a close-up of everything if you're interested.
This Victorian glove box is worthy of its own close-up though. I can't wait to put it on display. Oops, I should have taken a picture of the silk lining too - it's beautiful. Oooh, I just love this box! Now, I better get busy rearranging.... everything is piling up on my dining room table again. Yikes!


Rose of Sharon said...

What lovely treasures! They are all so awesome. I can't wait to see what you do with the chandelier!

Hugs, Sharon

LiLi M. said...

You are a lucky pricewinner! What lovely things you received! I like your finds as well! That glovebox is amazing, but I like the other stuff too.

Lisa Johnson said...

You found some great things on your trip. It's always fun to do thrifting in different places than you normally go. Thanks for showing us your loot!


Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Wow, you must be floating on Cloud 9 with such great gifts and finds! Where do I find vintage millinery? I see it on all the blogs and love it! I am in awe of the pink wicker container w/lid! Fantastic!

Secondhandrose said...

Wow girl, you have been shopping! What great finds. The babies are sweet. Congrats on being a prize winner. Come for a visit.

Linda said...

Your give -away treasures are the neatest...I love everything especially the cuff bracelet.
You sure found lots of wonderful goodies....the mesh purse is so sweet and what a cool sewing basket. Neat, neat finds.

Love your trip pictures...what a great time you all had. Your Grandpa had the right idea. Hugs, Linda

Michele said...

WOW!!! You received some amazing goodies in the giveaway!! Congrats!! I also liked seeing all the goodies you picked up on your trip! I'm looking forward to seeing how you took parts from two things and turned them into a chandelier!


Gramma 2 Many said...

I was just randomly clicking onto other blogs and came across yours. Imagine my suprise when I saw your purse!!! I have one that looks identical. When last I had it appraised, I was told it was probably worth about $125.00. Hope you did not pay that much for yours:)
I love your bottles too. My DH is kinda a clutter phobic, so I do not keep the pretties around that I would if left to my own. I just drool over others, and yours are beautiful.
Please come visit me sometime, given you have the time. Would love to see you at my blog:)