Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dolies! Not A Grandma Thing Anymore

It's crunch time!
Less than 10 days until Ruffles & Rust - whoa!
I made a few pillows while I was burning the midnight oil last night.
I'm loving the doily pillow. Oh how I'd love to learn how to crochet one day.... my spare time - ha!


A Thing for Roses said...

Lovely! Going to try to come to r & r as a shopper. See you soon!

Holly said...

I love that big, flowery pillow! Did you make that one too??? Love all your creations!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Hi Karoline,

Just found your lovely work on Pinterest and had to stop by to find out more about you! {We have many mutual bloggy friends.}

Beautiful creations ~ those cashmere roses look luscious!

I'll be back again. Good luck with your hardwood floor project and Happy Holidays.