Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Barn Sale, Flea Market, Thrift Store & G-Sale Finds

Not only did I have fun doing beachy things last week, I had great shopping times as well. I hit a barn sale, a flea market, a few thrift stores and some garage sales.

I went to a flea market on the 3rd in the middle of a major rain storm! While some of the vendors were packing up, I managed to buy a few fun things there - 3 vintage tablecloth cutters, a neat pair of old spectacles, a pretty pink perfume bottle, and a couple neat old portraits.
On the 5th, some friends of ours that used to attend our church in town and have since moved to the island, had a barn sale. This was so fun! They had the sale set up on their property with at least 8 different vendors it was so charming. I took out my camera to take a few pictures but alas no battery! That was a bummer, I would have loved for you all to see how cute everything looked. I did manage to find things I couldn't live without - like an old copper boiler, an old tin comb-brush holder, a couple ceramic bird figurines, a tape measure, an old wood folding ruler and a rhinestone pin.

While thrift store shopping, I picked up some seam binding and other trims, old bottles, a crocheted pot holder, doll clothes, enamel flower pin, vintage buttons, vintage chick figurines, old wallpaper, and this cute German elfinware pram.
Only a few garage sales were happening both weekends but they did not disappoint. I found a fabulous school desk from the 1880's, an oil painting of roses, a cute pink jewelry box, ticking shams, and a few depression glass pieces. Overall I made quite the haul.
Oh, and just to let you know, I don't always by stuff for myself.... :o) I neglected to take a picture of the two bikes I found for the girls, the large bag of play food & kitchen stuff (why? I'm reminded every time I clean up), and a few noisy toys that my Mom kept reminding me weren't going to stay at the beach. hehe
It was lots of fun!


Connie said...

Maaaaan, my little cherished chickadee, you made quite a haul! I'm proud of ya! ;-) I'm posting more tomorrow of what else I found in Calif.

Linda said...

Wow! You found so many wonderful goodies.....I think I even see a Susan Branch book too....I love her books. Enjoy all your treasures. Hugs, Linda

Kathi said...

Wow, You found some great things Karoline. Thank you for stopping by. I'm hopefully coming back to blogging soon. I've had a lot to do this summer. Hugs, Kathi