Friday, January 28, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

After reading the title to this post, do you have that 80's song by The Fixx running through your head? If you didn't... you might now that I mentioned it - ha!

So anyways, I was thinking today, how sometimes "one thing really does lead to another".
Take for instance custom orders.
Right before Christmas, I was commissioned to create a couple button bracelets.
At that time, I was so busy with scarf orders that I had to put off the job until after the holidays.

Since I couldn't get right to the bracelets and because my stash of "really good" vintage buttons had dwindled, I suggested to my client that she gather up an assortment of her own personal buttons to use. In the meantime while she was on a button search, she became curious about my scarves, and that lead to this custom one for her.

Which in turn, turned into more scarf orders from her.
One thing truly does, lead to another.


Anonymous said...

Love the button bracelets and this scarf! Carriep

Diane Mars said...

The scarf is beautiful~ and I love Button Bracelets years ago I found to real charmers at an estate sale and the are filled with the best buttons, since I have made a couple and my sister has made quite a few. The pretty vintage buttons are real gems! Hugs, Diane