Thursday, February 17, 2011

Using What I Had . . .

. . . might not have been the best idea.
It took me FOREVER to get the rusted lid off this can of paint!
So... maybe keeping paint from 2004 is too long? Ha!

Instead of buying more paint, I always try to be frugal and use up what I have first.

Today's project was to get this hutch and dresser painted pink for its new place, in my studio.

Thankfully, the paint was still usable.
Well... only after I fished out all those rusty flakes that fell into the can when I finally pulled the lid off... that added texture wasn't going to be a good thing - ha!

Oh yeah, I have a question...
When you paint a chest of drawers, do you paint the entire drawer, sides and all? I never do.
Just curious.


sandySTC said...

It's lovely. I just recently had an experience with an old can of paint. But I wasn't so lucky, it had a layer of green on top of it.

I don't paint the sides of the drawers. I usually don't paint what hasn't been painted.

Kim said...

That hutch and dresser are beautiful and I love the pink color!

Anonymous said...

I don't paint the sides of the drawwers because they stick if you do. It turned out beautifully.

Banaghaisge said...

Paint the sides, back, under.... In a totally unexpected colour!! My kitchen drawers are bright raspberry in (currently) cream cupboard. Makes me grin every time I open the drawers!
You can rub candle wax along the runners to make them glide if yu have stick problems...
Hugs from Jasmine in Oz