Thursday, June 30, 2011

Disneyland Silhouette Studio Souvenir

I'm so excited to share the best Disneyland souvenir purchase I've ever made - hands down!
I decided to take the time,(since we were at Disneyland for more than one day)to have silhouette's made of the girls.

I love how they turned out!
For $9, you get two mirror imaged silhouettes, and for about $10 more, you can get a frame.

I thought the whole process would take a bit of time, so we went to the studio soon after they opened. Much to my surprise, it took the artist about 1 minute to cut each individual silhouette - totally unbelievable!!

This lady cut each silhouette freehand - no projector, cutting machine, anything! Both girls sat sideways in a chair in front of her. She took one look, began cutting and chatting, and voila', she was done.
If you've never taken the time to get a silhouette done at Disneyland, you just might want to.
It is SO worth it!


Rebecca said...

Those are totally awesome! I remember {way back when} in first grade. Our teacher used a projector and made a silhouette of each child. We gave these to our Moms for Mother's Day. My Mom framed mine, and I still have it. You will cherish those forever!


Blessed Serendipity said...

I had this done at Disneyland of my daughters when they were much younger. It is so amazing to watch them cut it right out in front of you. They have been doing these for a long time because my parents had them done of my sister and I when we were little.