Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Double Bluff Beach

While up on Whidbey Is. a couple weeks ago, we spent a few hours one morning/afternoon, at Double Bluff Beach. It's a favorite public beach (most beaches are private on the island) for locals and visitors. We lucked out and had pretty decent weather that week, something we haven't had much of this summer...
It's such a beautiful beach. I love how the best of everything "beachy" is here. You get pretty beach grass, wild roses, perfectly sun bleached driftwood, and soft sand under your toes. Not to mention, the splendid view on a clear day, of the Olympic Mountains to the west!
It was fun to watch the low clouds lift and disappear off the bay, while we were there.
All along the beach, people have built forts, and even created art.
I loved this heart sculpture that someone had made from clam shells and clay from the bluff.
The girls were very excited to climb up the bank and carve their names in the bluff.If you're ever up on Whidbey Island, Double Bluff beach is a must to visit!

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