Friday, November 30, 2012

Something Grandma Always Made With Vintage Shiny Bright Christmas Balls

My Grandma started putting these cute ornaments trees together in the 40's.
They're something she always had on her dining room table, at Christmas time.
They're quite simple to make.
All you need is a 14" knitting needle, 28 various sized Christmas balls, and a vintage tree topper.
Start by stringing 4 of the largest ornaments on to the knitting needle.
Next, string on 4 more slightly smaller balls.
Continue to layer on more Christmas balls working your way up the needle.
Depending on the size of the ornaments you use, you may use less than 28.
*Note - I stacked a couple layers together with the same sized Christmas balls 
since I only had 4 varying sizes to work with.
To finish: top with a vintage tree topper or a unique ornament turned upside down.
Super easy, huh?

Well, I'm slowly getting all my Christmas decorations up.   
Usually, I'm done by now!
I've fallen behind, since the lights on two of my trees decided to not light up this year. Ugh!
If only there were Christmas light fairies to do the job and string on the lights for me - *sigh*. 
Non-lighting Christmas lights are the worst.

Wishing you all a blessed beginning to the Advent season!

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{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............I'm with your on the darn tree lights... I had my tree all decorated when the top third stopped working. It took me a day to undo the tree cut out all the lights from the "pre-lit" tree and redecorate. Yesterday 1/3 of the lights went out on the garland around the front window. We bought that little gizmo that's supposed to fix them. Yeah, that didn't work either.

Wishing you and your little darlin's a Very Merry Christmas...