Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tussie Mussie & Coffee Filter Roses

I really am having fun creating roses out of coffee filters.... I wanted to make a gift for someone, so yesterday I spent some time creating this tussie mussie filled with roses. For materials, I used a cardboard cone, wallpaper, vintage crocheted lace, old trim, vintage rayon seam binding, an old rhinestone earring, old rhinestone trim, and some coffee filter roses. I love digging through my stash of vintage lace and rhinestone jewelry, it's so exciting to find treasures I've forgotten about and have saved for a special project. I always spend way to much time digging and dreaming when I should be doing if you know what I mean. :o) The recipient of this tussie mussie loves all things old, so I hope it is well received!


Alison Gibbs said...

The tussie mussie filled dwith roses looks so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I went to the store to purchase cone filters for this job and they came in several sizes. Is there a particular size you should buy!

cherished*vintage said...

Thanks for the question. I bought the size bigger then #2. I lost the packaging, so I'm not exactly sure what number the filter is. Mine measure about 5" from the bottom to top. Hope that helps!

Just Between Us Girls said...

Wow...your tussie mussie with the fabulous roses is breathtaking. I love it.