Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Very Own "Puppy Love" Tag Book

Yay its here, its here!!!
I was so excited to see a package from Karla's Cottage in my mail box the other day - my "Puppy Love" tag book had arrived. I couldn't wait to open the package, because I just knew it was gonna be fabulous, and boy, was I right!!!
First off, the cover of my tag book. Karla made each cover, added embellishments, and assembled everyone's book that participated in the swap.
The first tag was made by Leslie - Junkgirl Studio . I love the super cute vintage image of the boy and girl on a park bench! Leslie added all kinds of sweet touches like glitter, rick rack, an eyelet ruffle, and a button. It is just darling!
Hmmm... now what do I say about the second tag? Besides, it was made by me. hehe
My third tag was created by Nancy - Nancy Matters. I love the cute little puppy on the front! The back of the tag looks like a vintage postcard - which I love!!! I should have taken a pic, I know.
Isn't this one precious? Tag number 4 was made by Kathy Country Chintz. All the details on this tag are terrific. I love the old calendar used as the background, all the glitter, velvet ribbon, old button, and vintage image. Oh, and you should see the back on this tag too - fabulous!!!
Tag 5 was created by Debra Ganas. She used a darling image of a little girl and her doggie peering out the window. Very charming - love it!
The sixth and final tag was made by Susan Goffman. This tag is loaded with all sorts fun stuff! I love the color combo of red, aqua, and yellow. Susan embellished the tag with wonderful trims, flocked flowers, and a cute crocheted flower. Fun, fun, fun!
I want to thank all the wonderful artists who made the tags that I received. Thanks for taking the time to create the tags. I'll cherish these wonderful pieces of art always. Thanks so much!!!
And Karla, thank you for all the time you spent organizing, assembling, packing, creating, etc... etc... You are amazing!!!


Diane Mars said...

How fun they all are unique and each one a work of Art! It sure was fun to see them all.

LiLi M. said...

Your tagbook is great! Cannot wait to see mine! Have a nice day! said...

Ooops, well, I warned everyone I might not be able to make sure you didn't get your own tag back! Sorry. But isn't it pretty with the others?

I'll add this link to my post, thanks for showing your book! and thanks so much for the lovely goodies!!

Unknown said...

Those tags are darling! :)

kathy said...

SO glad you liked your tag --
your creation is so darlin and I love the way you added the ribbons on the bottom like fringe --
Your creations and vsal . decorwtions so cute - putting you in my faves to check often -
kathy - ga -

kathy said...

oops didn't check my spelling lol -- cute decorations !!
Kathy - ga

SusanG said...

How fun to see my tag here! That one was so fun to make - I'd just bought the vintage border, and when I saw the poodle I knew I had to use it for a tag.


Gretchen said...

This was such a fun swap to be a part of. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
Off to view your blog.

Rochelle said...

Such cute tags...I was also involved in this tag swap and loved the tags I received as well. How funny you got one of your own back! :)

Anonymous said...

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