Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yo-Yo Bracelets

My love affair with fabric yo yos has been going on, well... since forever!
It started way back.
Even waaayyy before I was lucky enough to receive this vintage beauty.

What I love about yo yos (besides their cuteness) is how versatile they are. One can use them for hundreds of projects! They are the ultimate embellishment.

A few months ago, I created some fun bracelets using yo yos.

They don't require a lot of material to make, so it's a great way to use up some of your scrap fabric.

For mine: I used old barkcloth, a vintage tablecloth, and an old linen napkin.
Each bracelet has five yo yos. I attached each yo yo to a 1" wide ribbon. You can either sew them to the ribbon, or hot glue - your preference. I made sure to form my yo yos into a cuff like shape as I put them together so I didn't get gaps between each one. (Does that make sense?)
For a few bracelets, I cut the ribbon 30" long so a bow could be made to tie around the wrist.
For others, I used a 7" piece of ribbon and sewed on a toggle clasp.
Either way is super cute.
Oh, and I also added old glass buttons to the center of each yo yo.

I truly admire the ladies who made thousands and thousands of yo yos by hand back in the old days, oh, and I'm sure there are some ladies that still do. But... if you're like me and have made just one by hand... you know how awesome any help would be.
So...if you don't have a yo yo maker, ya gotta get one. It's one of the best inventions ever! It'll save you so. much. time. Believe me!

Here's a list of supplies if you want to make your own:

needle and thread
hot glue
toggle clasp
yo yo maker

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowmageddon or Snowverreacting?

We're in the midst of an Arctic blast here in Western Washington. The news people are so funny to listen to. One minute we're going to have the most snow we've seen in 50 years and the next, they say something completely different. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

We have been enjoying the snow we have gotten so far. Sunday, the girls made a snow bear. And of course she is dressed in pink!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vintage Valentine Heart Shaped Candy Boxes and Chocolate Tins

Happy New Year!
So hard to believe that we've begun another year, but so ready to, too...
Now that Christmas has been put away, it's time to pull out Valentine's Day stuff!
One of my favorites - vintage chocolate boxes.
I especially love any with roses.
Since I only have a few, I decided to make one of my own to display.
Want to make your own vintage inspired heart candy box too?
Here's how I made mine.
1. Reuse a chocolate box.
2. Cover the top. (I used old wall paper)
3. Next, I outlined the edge with a line of glue.
4. Cover the glue with glitter.
5. Martha Stewart glitter is awesome. It's so fine and sparkly!
6. Cover the bottom with more old wall paper.
7. Before I glued the paper to the bottom piece, I removed the inner heart.
8. Glue the inner heart back on the bottom.
9. Cover the rest of the box - sides of top and bottom with coordinating paper.
To finish: embellish the top.
(I used vintage millinery flowers, velvet ribbon, and lace)

I enjoyed making the one box, so I HAD to make another - ha!
Besides heart shaped chocolate boxes, I have a small collection of vintage chocolate tins.
Roses are a must on these too, and boy are they hard to find!
Have you gotten your Valentine decorations out yet?

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