Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stitch Along

Well, it only took me two years to complete... but whoo hoo it's done!
Back in March of 2010, Amy hosted a fun stitch-along. She encouraged those of us who joined, to fill-in a one inch square each day for 39-40 days. I did pretty well for the first 30 days, then I made the mistake of putting it down.
Recently, I needed something to occupy my time on an airplane. It was the perfect project - flight time passed so quickly while I was busy stitching away.
Now, we'll see how long it takes me to frame it - ha!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Kind Of Eatery

Planning a visit to Maui soon?
If so, you must make a stop at Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop.
Thanks to the awesome review from my cousin Jay and his wife Emily, we looked forward to checking it out ourselves.
I loved everything about this quaint eatery; the vintage industrial fixtures, old Hawaiiana photographs, reclaimed wood wall, the staff, and oh, the FOOD!
Last week, on our first visit we stopped primarily for pies - boy were they yummy!
We promptly added a return visit to our "must do" list - this time for a complete meal.
My hubby had their Club sandwich - he said it was the best he's ever had.
We ordered a variety of goodies off the menu.
My daddy ordered a hamburger and loved it!
My mommy ordered a BLT - the bread was so good it melted in her mouth.
Sydney had a keiki grilled cheese - ate every last bite.
Daphne ordered the keiki hot dog. She loved their house made bun!
Although I went in wanting their Chicken savory pot pie (they had sold out) I ordered the savory corn hand held pie and reuben lumpia instead. Oh my, both were fabulous!
(photo source)
By the time we arrived for dinner, the dessert case was pretty bare (not full like the picture below). We were fortunate enough that 3 (warm) sweet apple hand held pies became available for the 6 of us to share - Mmmmm!
(photo source)
One thing to note, if you want pies - you better get there earlier in the day. They sell out! We're only here for a few more days. I think another visit is in the cards.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Maui Coffee

We took a field trip today and checked out a coffee plantation here in Maui. I'm not a coffee connoisseur, so I have never paid attention to anything having to do with coffee.
I learned something new today!
I had no idea the process starts with these pretty flowers.
Which then turns into fruit which kinda looks like grapes.
Sometimes the fruit is dried (like in the picture below), and the beans are extracted. Though most often, the fruit goes through some type of water process that retrieves the beans.
If you're ever in Maui, it's worth a visit to the Maui Grown Coffee company store.
They offer free tasting!
Or, if you can't visit in person, check out their website here - they ship!
My mom says it's great coffee - I trust her opinion since she's an actual connoisseur. ;o)
Even though I don't have any interest in coffee, I did find some things to purchase.
I can't wait to make something fun with it, I mean them!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Homemade Valentine's

The girl's really enjoy creating the Valentine's that they give to their classmates.
With a little help from me, here is what we created this year.
Since I have more than enough felted sweater wool laying around, I always try to somehow incorporate it into our projects.

Their girl friends will receive a felted heart bookmark. . .

. . .and the boy's will receive bubble gum and a "Kiss".
The girl's will be missing their parties at school this year, and they're a little bummed about it...
Instead, we'll be celebrating Valentine's Day in Hawaii.
I'm not bummed about that, at all! ;o)