Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sheds - and I'm Not Talking Little Buildings

I like to bring something from nature in to my home decor, do you?
Most of the time, I'm only adding flowers, leaves and such.
But....a couple weekends ago, I picked up something so cool - a deer antler shed.
It's my new favorite thing!
And no, I'm not talking about a deer head antler trophy thingy to hang on a wall. 
Those things kinda freak me out!
Deer sheds are different, especially since I know Bambi was not harmed in any way for it.
I love its look, perfect naturally aged shabby sun-bleached white.
Just a fun way to add texture to a display.  
While researching deer sheds, I discovered that shed hunting is quite popular.
What a fun thing to search for late winter, when it's most common for deer to shed their antlers.
There are so many unique ways to use sheds.
Like in a beautiful floral arrangement. 
Or, just simply piled in a console bowl.
Now, how crazy awesome is this tree?
Or this wreath?
Beautiful, aren't they?
So, would you bring a deer shed into your home?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crafting Fun - Clothespin Trivet

 Crafting with kids is so much fun!
 Crafting with friends is even better!
I've had a project just waiting to be made, so when Daphne had a friend over, they got their crafting on.
  I had them create a wood trivet using clothespins.
The project was inspired by one my brother made for my mom
 when he was in the 1st grade (some 44 years ago).
My mom still uses it today!
The girls trivets turned out really cute.  
Wonder if theirs will last some 40 years?