Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sheds - and I'm Not Talking Little Buildings

I like to bring something from nature in to my home decor, do you?
Most of the time, I'm only adding flowers, leaves and such.
But....a couple weekends ago, I picked up something so cool - a deer antler shed.
It's my new favorite thing!
And no, I'm not talking about a deer head antler trophy thingy to hang on a wall. 
Those things kinda freak me out!
Deer sheds are different, especially since I know Bambi was not harmed in any way for it.
I love its look, perfect naturally aged shabby sun-bleached white.
Just a fun way to add texture to a display.  
While researching deer sheds, I discovered that shed hunting is quite popular.
What a fun thing to search for late winter, when it's most common for deer to shed their antlers.
There are so many unique ways to use sheds.
Like in a beautiful floral arrangement. 
Or, just simply piled in a console bowl.
Now, how crazy awesome is this tree?
Or this wreath?
Beautiful, aren't they?
So, would you bring a deer shed into your home?

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