Friday, February 29, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell
Happy Friday everyone!
For show and tell this week, I thought I'd share some of my pink depression glass collection.
I started collecting pink depression glass when my parents returned home from a vacation in 1996 bringing with them a pair of tea cups and saucers as my souvenir. Over the years I have picked up different pieces here and there. My favorite patterns are Old Colony, Old Cafe', Manhattan, Rosemary, Homespun, and Diana just to name a few. Some of my collection is displayed in our dining room on a bookshelf that I modified and hung on the wall. I have a few pieces displayed in our living room in one of my favorite cabinets using an old window as the door.
I have quite a few pieces that aren't displayed only because I use them often. I love setting my table with these pieces. Someday I'd love to have enough place settings to set my entire table with pink depression glass. my dreams....
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Preschool Field Trip Fun

Sydney's class had a field trip today at a fire station display center.
What used to be an fully operating station is now a place for kids to go and learn about fire safety. Sydney loved climbing all over the truck and enjoyed driving it as well. She thought her Grandpa S who was a volunteer fireman for many many years would be so proud.
Wearing a real fireman's suit was pretty cool.
But sliding down the pole was the best!
Even Daphne got to join in the fun a bit too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Glitter Easter Egg Cart - Candy Container

This is what I made today....
I really should have taken some step by step pictures, but I forgot......anyways, I purchased a couple West German paper mache' eggs off eBay a while ago. I love these eggs in particular because they are finished on the inside. I painted this egg pink and added glass glitter to make it sparkle!
I picked up some beaded trims at the fabric store today, and glued them all around the top half of the egg. The flowers on top are a combination of vintage and new. My favorite are the old velvet leaves! I would have used a few of the vintage millinery roses I have but they didn't look quite right - just a tad to large for the overall scale. The most challenging thing for me was to figure out what I was going to use for the wheels. Yesterday, I mentioned to my Daddy what I was making and that I needed some ideas for wheels. He had just the perfect thing - body washers! I know you're all wondering... what in the world are body washers? Well, my Daddy builds hot rods, and these washers are used when the body of the car is bolted to the frame. Aren't you glad you know that? :o) All I know is that they were the perfect size for my egg cart. I layered vintage pearlized buttons and old glass buttons on the body washer too.
The vintage bunny is made by Lefton. He is the perfect size at about 4 1/2" tall.
Now I just need some jelly beans....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bunny Keepsake Box

This was my little project today....
I've been wanting to make the girls a keepsake box to display on their nightstands for awhile, so this is what I came up with.
Sydney has already claimed this one as hers.....
The box is covered with a remnant from the pink rose toile that I used when I made the valances in their room.
This was the first time that I've ever used crepe paper streamers for anything other then decorating for a party in elementary school. I picked up lots of old crepe paper a few weeks ago at the Goodwill, so I have a fabulous stash now to create with. I even made the crown the bunny is wearing. I just winged it... I probably would have done a lot better if I had some type of instruction... once I added silver glass glitter I think that made it better. Glitter does that! hehe

Saturday, February 23, 2008

5*5*5*5*5* MeMe

This was fun!
Sarah tagged me to do a 5*5*5*5*5*Book MeMe.
Here's what you have to do....
*1* Get your favorite book
*2* Turn to page 55
*3* From the top of the page, count down to the 5th sentence
*4* Write it and the following four (a grand total of 5 sentences)
*5* Tag 5 more people
One of my favorite books of all time is My Dog Skip by Willie Morris. So that's what I chose for this MeMe.
It happened during the regular eleven A.M. Sunday church service - in the summertime, before air-conditioning, a broiling forenoon of August, with all the church doors open. On the organ my mother was accompanying Mrs. Stella Birdsong, who had the most inappropriate surname in all the annals of music - a heavy - set matron with an askew left eye, half glass, half real, it seemed to us, although that may not have been possible from the ophthalmological perspective - who was known in our area for her shrill, disharmonious high soprano notes, which caused chandeliers to rattle in her all-too-frequent performances. Henjie and I were seated on the isle in a middle pew when he nudged me and pointed toward his ear as a signal for me to listen to something. Through the open door came the unmistakable sound from down the street of several dogs barking individually, and then in chorus, and getting closer by the minute. One of these barks, I perceived, belonged to Old Skip.
Here are the 5 I now tag:
4. Lisa
5. Pat

Friday, February 22, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell
I love Show & Tell Friday!
Today I pressed my Mom's wedding dress that she wore in 1961 when she married my Daddy.
In a few weeks, I'm doing the decorations for a bridal shower at our church. I thought it would be fun to display my Mom's wedding dress along with some of my other vintage wedding collectibles.
The taffeta was so wrinkled from storage but it ironed out beautifully. I really love this dress! I worked at a local bridal shop in 1990 when I got married. At the time, I never really gave much thought to wearing her dress. I guess I just wanted to choose my own....
It's funny how my tastes have changed over the years.... if I was getting married today, I would wear her dress in a heart beat!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vintage Tablecloth Patchwork

I just finished a couple pillows today for a friend of mine. Hopefully... she'll send me some pictures when she has these displayed at her house. Just wait until you see her home! You're gonna love it, it's stunning!!!!
With the beautiful sunshine we've been having for the last couple of days and then sewing these colorful pillows today..... bring on Spring!

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Growth

It's been so beautiful here the last couple of days!
I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and do a little yard work. Presidents Day weekend is the time to prune roses around here, so that's what I did. I was amazed at all of the new growth. Spring is almost here!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blackbottom Cupcakes

Hubby gets these cupcakes in his lunch this week. If you've never made 'em, you should try 'em. Here's what you'll need to get started....

Beat together until smooth: 8 oz cream cheese, 1/3 C sugar, 1 egg, 1/3 tsp salt. Add: 12 oz chocolate chips, set mixture aside.
Sift together 2 1/4 C flour, 1 1/2 C sugar, 1/4 C + 2 TBSP Cocoa, 1 1/2 tsp baking soda.
Add and mix until smooth 1 1/2 C water, 1/3 C + 3 TBSP oil, 1 tsp vanilla

Fill baking cups 1/3 full with chocolate batter

Top with a heaping teaspoon of cream cheese mixture

Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 20 minutes. Makes 2 dozen.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jump Planet Party

We spent a few hours at Jump Planet today celebrating the birthdays of two friends.
Hubby and I had to do LOTS of coaxing to get the girls to even go into the inflatables. Boy... but once they got on, we could hardly get them off!

Daphne's little legs were a shakin' on the top of the slide right before Sydney grabbed her hand and just went.
They both can't wait to go again!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell

Whoa..... is it just me, or did this week just fly right on by????
I can't believe it's already time for Show and Tell Friday!
I have so much fun thinking all week of what I want to share with you all.
Today I chose to show you a couple sterling silver thimbles I have. I offically have a collection since I have 3 right? :o) The 2 larger thimbles belonged to my great Auntie Esther, and the littlest one I found at an estate sale a couple years ago.
I think their intricate design is gorgeous and makes them look so pretty. I especially love the one with the cherubs and garland it is marked Pat. Nov 21, 05. Here is a photo I found with my Auntie Esther (middle), Uncle Tom (right), and my Grandma(left). This picture was probably taken in the 30's. Uncle Tom and Auntie Esther did not have children. I remember visiting their beautiful old house as a little girl, and enjoying all the "pretties" she had. When they both left us to go live in Heaven forever, my mom was given a few of their things. I am so happy that I have a couple things to remind me of Auntie Esther!

Here is my little sewing display, and where Auntie Esther's thimbles rest.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Trade

This swap/trade was so fun too! Cathy set up the exchange to anyone who wanted to trade a handmade valentine with her. All I had to do was make and send her a valentine, and she would in turn send one to me. Here is the valentine I received from her. It is so me!!! Love the pink roses! It made the prettiest and most perfect top to the valentine tree I have in the girls room. Thanks so much Cathy!!!

Here is the valentine I made for her.....

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I'm so excited!!!! The day has finally arrived to reveal our Valentine secret admirer. This was my first swap and even though I've been freaking out cuz I'm hoping I did OK.... it was so fun and I can't wait to do more of 'em !!

Thanks so much Jenn and Cheryl for hosting!

I was a secret admirer to Jana Perenchio and I have been secretly visiting her blog ever since I received her name in the swap. I discovered she likes red, so that was the color I went with. Here is what I sent...

The swap was to include items with hearts, cherubs, and chocolate. First thing I made was this hanging lavender heart sachet pillow out of vintage chenille. The vintage image is from an old postcard that was made into a fabric block.

I made the keepsake box next - my first one ever! I had fun creating it and can't wait to make some Easter boxes now.... I wanted to use some type of sheet music on the box but since I didn't have anything like that, I improvised and typed up song lyrics from one of her favorite bands.... I wonder if she will notice???

And lastly, here are some button magnets I put together.

OK, so now for the really really fun part! This is what I received!!!! I just have to say, how excited I was to open this package. Sydney was just as excited, and she helped me unwrap everything. Look at my new bracelet, I love it!

Check out all of the other goodies my secret admirer sent me, heart earrings, a sparkly xoxo garland, a cute cherub to paint, heart ornaments, body butter, tags, socks, a yummy chocolate bar with a pretty label, and lots and lots of stuff to create with. I love it all! I am spoiled! Thank you secret admirer. I'm off to search and find you so I can personally thank you.

Here are a few pictures of my vintage Valentines displayed around my living room.

This year I decorated a Valentine tree for the girls bedroom. They both love having the lights on when they go night night. The xoxo banner from my secret admirer looks so cute in their room too.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell

Yay! It's "Show and Tell Friday!" I hope you've all had a fantastic week!

Today, I'd like to share the Valentine I received from my Daddy this year. It was made in Germany, and I'm guessing it is from around the 20's. The vibrant colors are so spectacular! Many times these old valentines become so faded - particularly the honeycombs. Everything about this valentine is wonderful. I just love it!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been my Daddy's Valentine. Every year without fail, he has given me a special box of chocolate from our favorite local confectionery. Well.... last year the shop closed - which was such a bummer! And, since not just any box of chocolate will do.... he decided to start a new tradition by giving me an old valentine to add to my collection. This is such a special valentine keepsake which I will cherish forever. I love my Daddy - he's the best!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Sneek Peek

I sent it out today.... my Valentine secret admirer swap that is. Here is a little peek.
This was my first swap to join, and I got to tell ya, I'm kind of freaking out. Mainly, I'm just hoping the package gets to its new home in one piece. I packaged everything oh so carefully, so we'll see... I don't make many things using glue... I sew, and I never worry about my sewing creations I have complete confidence knowing they'll stay together, but this was different.

Check back Valentine's Day for the virtual party that Jenn and Cheryl are hosting to see all! It's going to be so fun!!!!