Saturday, November 1, 2008

Goodbye October...

Our October was beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest. One morning last week the sun was shining so beautifully through the trees in our back yard, that I ran outside in my pj's to capture the moment. I would have stayed out longer, but I got cold!!!
I thought I'd post a picture of one of the rockeries we added this summer to our front yard. After living with a dirt front yard all summer, it's so nice to see green grass!
Thursday, I had the girls draw a picture of how they wanted their pumpkins carved. Sydney drew a few pictures, and decided the one on the left was what she wanted. Daphne drew just one, the smiley face on the right. I couldn't wait to see how Daddy was gonna carve that.
Sydney worked so carefully to remove every single seed - almost one at a time...
We told her she couldn't take all night, so she finally pushed up her sleeves and dug in.
The slimy gooey insides were so fun to squish between fingers.
I think hubby did a fine job carving the girls designs.
Sydney's kindergarten class made costumes out of paper bags, and yesterday they paraded around the school. Sydney was a red heart.
The girls have been beyond excited (for so long) waiting to go trick or treating.
When they returned home with their loot, hamburgers and chocolate milkshakes were waiting. Grandpa L picked the menu. One of our traditions is that Grandma & Grandpa L come over for dinner on Halloween night. They always have, even before we had kids. We all think it's a lot more exciting now! Oh, we even ate at the dining room table. I know, shocking huh?! hehe
Oh, and one more milestone happened this week.
The tooth fairy came to our home for the first time!!!
I guess, do to inflation, Sydney got $5 from her. I think I got a quarter....


LiLi M. said...

Karoline I think your husband did such a great job carving these pumpkins. And your kids are so cute in their Halloween Costumes. November means starting to buy presents as our Santa will arrive aproxemately half November and stays here until his birthday December 5th. Then he knows which child behaved good and which one didn't. The good kids get presents and candy. Santa puts a poem with his presents. In this poem he explains what still can be improved, he does that a bit witty. Sometimes Santa doesn't wrap the presents but he makes what we call surprises. A present is disguised as an I phone or as a cake, something you like or something you absolutely hate. The bad children should go back with Santa to Spain, but nowadays the children aren't warned anymore for that, just like the tooth fairy who is giving 5 bugs in stead of a dime (which was 5 of your cents!). I enjoyed your lovely post again. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

awww the girls look so cuite in their costumes!

vintage girl at heart said...

I come to your blog when doing my housework so I can jam to your playlist!!! Really makes me smile!!
The kiddies and punkin's are too cute!!!