Monday, June 29, 2009

Something I'm Always Looking For...

are vintage ice cream soda glasses.
I've been collecting soda glasses for a number of years, and am always on the lookout for unique ones to add to my collection. Pictured above, are a few of my favorites. Some are from the 50's, but I also have pieces from the 20's and 30's as well. We use them all the time for lemonade, iced tea, parfaits, and milkshakes - they're great for so many beverages, really. I love an eclectic table setting and always use a different soda glass for each of my guests. Besides all the neat patterns, what I love most is how heavy and thick the glass is.


Its So Very Cheri said...

I love them also and I LOVE an eclectic look-my favorite look of all.
They are all beautiful.
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Alison Gibbs said...

What wonderful glasses. I have some that belonged to my inlaws when they had a shop many years ago and they used them for milkshakes

Linda Reeder said...

I have a collection of old ice cream sundae glasses. I too love the old, heavy glass. And they are fun to use for a make your own sundae party or dessert. I stopped collecting them when I could no longer find new patterns, and I was running out of space.
I do like the idea of soda glasses because they could be used for more things.

Gail said...

Your post made me smile :). I was looking for some of these for my dh for Father's Day and couldn't find any.
Of course, I was looking for new ones because it was last minute and I didn't have time to look on ebay or just reminded me about them again, so my search will continue...the vintage ones will be so much cooler than new, isn't that always the way?

Unknown said...

Those soda glasses are darling! Now I want to collect soda glasses!

LiLi M. said...

What a lovely mosaic. You won't find them here a lot, here you see the more wide champagne like bowl glass a lot.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I think I see a new collection in my future. ;-)

Its So Very Cheri said...

I have a question for you. I recently started looking for ice cream soda glasses as well but haven't made a purchase yet. Is there a way to know if it is vintage or a new reproduction. I have found several at the Goodwill and I am not sure whether they are the real deal or not. Here is why I am so perplexed--we live in an area with TONS of older people (Florida-the retirement Mecca) so they could be cleaning out and getting rid of cool old vintage stuff or it could just be JUNK-reproductions. Can you give me any advice?
Thanks so much,