Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Wreath

The other day, I put together this wreath, using some of my vintage ornaments. For the last few years, I've displayed my old ornaments in apothecary jars - but I needed a change. I'm loving how my new wreath looks hung over the mirror above our mantel!
For the base of my wreath, I upcycled a few ornaments that I still had from the 90's. Remember how popular rose and slate blue were back then? Oh my!
I wanted silver only for the base of my wreath, so I ran these ornaments under hot tap water,
and peeled off the outdated color. I was left with perfect shiny silver, just what I needed!
I was careful not to get water inside the ball, it can wash out the silver, too.
Been there, done that.


Karen said...

Are you saying my mauve and silver/blue master bedroom in 1981 were stylish? why thank you!!!

I haven't had pink in my house since . . . gosh, since that bedroom! And we moved out of there in 1983.
So I'm ready for the pink again!I will be curious to see what everyone says about all the pink I'm blended into my Christmas decorations this year! I think it's too fun!!!
HAGD! Karen

Linda Reeder said...

I didn't know you could "wash" the color off glass balls!
I rather like the pink and blue. Color doesn't really go out of style for me, just mix them all up, color on color.
Your wreath is gorgeous!

Laurie said...

How fun! I did this yesterday, too! I love the way mine looks...but I can't post photos of it yet because it's a surprise someone!

vintagesue said...

that is one killer wreath!!!! gorgeous. i have made those in the past and they break or fall apart. lol.
thanks for sharing. it is gorgeous!!!!

sue w said...

wow1 that wreath looks fabulous! you did a great job, I love the shine shine shine.

Anonymous said...

You clever girl you!! I didn't know you could do this to ornaments!

I love your wreath! It is so full and lush looking!! I am still so hesitant about using my vintage ornament to make a wreath-they are in bowls and such still!


Alison Gibbs said...

What a beautiful wreath.
Such a wonderful way to display your vintage ornaments

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow girl, this is a brilliant idea! I wish I would have known that last year when I threw all the ones I didn't want anymore :(
Your wreath is beautiful!!! Especially over the mirror. That photo would make an awesome Christmas card.
I'm so glad I stopped by, I've enjoyed my visit~
everything vintage

Anonymous said...

That picture of your wreath is just breathtaking. I think I have two beautiful vintage ornaments and they aren't even that beautiful...I just don't find them...but I do have a nice collection now of A&W root beer mugs! ;-) Merry Christmas, Karoline!

Jennifer said...

gorgeous like everything you do!!