Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Valentine's

We had a valentine assembly line going the other night.
Between both girls, we had 40 valentine's to make for school parties.
Hawaii is still on our brains, therefore we chose a hula theme.


Secondhandrose said...

What a cute, cute idea. I miss making all those cute things for school. Happy Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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vintage girl at heart said...

Precious!! The cards and your sweet girls!!

Hope said...

These are so sweet! I got to make Valentine's for school with my daughter until this she has a boy friend so we are making a different kind of Valentine. I enjoyed every wonderful moment of those cherished times. Enjoy!! Glad to see you are home from your wonderful vacation.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh they are su cute, what a great idea!!!

Rebecca said...

Tooooo Cute! Looks like you and the girls had such fun! Happy Valentine's Day!

Back Porch Blessings,

June said...

Karoline how precious are these?! So darling for your sweet little one's classmates. I'll bet they were a big hit.