Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1940's "Embossart"

Uh-oh, I kind of have another collection brewing...
Quite awhile ago, I saved the above picture from a pile my parents had headed to the Goodwill. What I loved about the picture (besides being from the 40's) is how the image is raised - kind of three dimensional like.
I have the picture hanging in our master bathroom now, awaiting something more to go with it. A couple weeks ago, I picked up the below picture at a thrift store. It's the same embossed type picture and for three bucks, I had to have it!

Now, I want to cover one wall in our tiny master bathroom with these kinds of pictures. I've been inspired by my mom's collection of very old pictures she has covering some of the walls at the beach house and her house in town.
I have a long ways to go to fill our small wallspace, but at least it's a start.
I'd have an even better start if somehow I could find a way to sneak this embossed picture off her kitchen wall...

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Michelle Palmer said...

These are so very beautiful!
Hope your day is perfect~