Monday, May 17, 2010

Reuse, Repurpose, and Upcycle

Look at this stack of beautifully weathered cedar!

Piled up for the taking, this wood is the old fencing from our church. Since my daddy was in charge of the fence project, I asked him to save me some of this awesome old wood. I had some ideas how to reuse it in my garden.

I had my hubby rip a few boards and build me a picket fence section.
Next, I repurposed a few vintage sifters. They make wonderful flower containers since they come prepared with drainage!

Today, I'm working on something more to add to the fence section.
They're turning out so cute. Can't wait to show you!


Heidi Ann said...

I just LOVE your idea using sifters as planters!
Great idea, and a great look!

Rebecca said...

Very creative! I love this! Can't wait to see more!


vintagesue said...

very sweet. great idea!!!!!!!!!! love it.

WSU Laura said...

Very cute! Am I going to be seeing you at Farm Chicks?

sue w. said...

love it! Bob said that you helped out working on the fence, and that he liked working with you. Both you and your hubby got talent when it comes to making stuff. Good job!