Monday, April 18, 2011

A Creamy Neutral Easter Color Palette

Last night, I got started on my Easter decorating.

I went for a creamy neutral theme this year.

The reason...

I had shredded a bunch of old book pages (for another project), and decided to use some of what I had leftover, for filler in my vignettes.

One thing I made, was this bunny silhouette. I put it together, in less than 5 minutes!

If you want to make one, this is how I made mine: first off, I printed a bunny image on card stock, then I cut it out, glued it to a page from a hymnal, and put it in an old frame - voila' instant art!

I tried to keep my decorations to a minimum - which is hard for me, 'cause I love lots of stuff!

Oh, I guess I did sneak in a wee bit of color, afterall...


June said...

Karoline this is just so lovely. I love the softness of it all! Just perfect in every way.

Unknown said...

Okay. So. How do I 'follow' you? I don't see the followers list on your blog? I do not Tweet. lol

I LOVE your decorations! I actually have the same bunny that is in your first pic in the foreground. I was also going to shred newpaper for the grass this

LaurieStar said...

Where did you get all your adorable white bunnies? I love decorating for Easter and I saw some of your bunnies on Pinterest. Nicely done! :)