Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roses and Victorian Funeral Baskets

I cut most of the roses from our yard, today. Oh my goodness, it's hard for me to do this!

Ahh, but so worth it when I get to bring them inside.

I picked up the tall vintage Victorian funeral basket,
at a great garage sale on Whidbey. Couldn't pass it up, it was too good of a price.
I just love the height of it!
Perfect addition to my collection, wouldn't you say?


Kathi said...

Very pretty Karoline! Kathi

sue said...

I could almost smell the roses in your photo, sweet!

vikki said...

I bought two of the smaller baskets last year at a yard sale for $2 each. What a steal and what a find. I love them. Yours look lovely with the roses in them.