Friday, September 9, 2011

Cashmere Flower Bloom Belt

Flower bloom belts are quite popular right now, so I decided to make some using my cashmere scraps.
What a cute accessory for a simple dress, or to wear over a cardigan paired with jeans - don't you think? many options!
Each flower is sewn onto a felt loop that slides over the ribbon. It can easily be removed from the ribbon and added to any other belt too.

Hoping to have more bloom belts completed and available for Ruffles and Rust in October.


Anneke at This, That and Life said...

This is SO pretty! I love it!!! I just found you through Ruffles and Rust and am your newest follower. :-) Feel free to check out my blog and if interested enter my current giveaway with Kayla J Photography. She's based in Monroe! I'm hoping to head over to Snohomish on Sunday. Can't wait to see your items in the Ruffles and Rust store. I'll definitely spread the word!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea! Looking forward to seeing more! Perfect for your LBD! Stacy D

Cheryl said...

What a lovely idea! You are always so creative! I am very close to having 200 followers, can hardly wait to have a giveaway! Spread the word around!