Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Felt Wreath Ornament

I needed a craft idea for 9 Girl Scouts who were coming over for a Christmas tea party on Monday afternoon...
...and I didn't have time to shop for supplies.
Thanks to Pinterest, I found this idea at 1:45am Monday morning.
The best part, I had all the supplies on hand - yay!
So, by 2am I was busily cutting lots and lots of 1" squares of felted wool!
The girls and I had fun making ours, so I thought I'd show you how we made 'em.
To begin, I cut a 9" piece of craft wire. Sorry, but I'm not sure what gauge of wire I used. It was firm, but easily bendable too - if that helps.
Make a "U" shape on one end of the wire - this is to prevent the squares from sliding off.
Now, from your stash of 1" squares
begin threading pieces of wool onto your wire.
Since the wire was somewhat firm, it poked through the felt easy enough.
I used approximately 32-35 squares of felt.
When you have the desired amount of felt on the wire, twist the ends together a few times.
Trim the excess ends with wire cutters, and bend the twisted part down flat.
For the loop, I ran a 9" piece of ribbon around the wire and tied the two ends into a knot.
Next, I slid the knot (so it wouldn't show) back towards the wire, and tied another knot close to the wool. If your wreath gets a little wonky, just bend it around to form a nice circle.
I made a bow and attached it with tacky glue to finish.
Cute, huh?

I used scraps from felted wool sweaters for ours, but craft felt might work too.


Mindi said...

Thanks for the quick tutorial! This looks like a super simple project to do.

Anonymous said...

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