Friday, March 2, 2012

Driftwood Anchor

Last summer, I started a driftwood art project while we were vacationing on Whidbey Is.
I didn't get a chance to finish it while we were there, so I brought home all the supplies.
I finally got around to completing it!
Inspired by the popular Pottery Barn driftwood star, I wanted to create something similar, but in a different shape.
Here is how I made my driftwood anchor:
First off, I started out by collecting a variety of driftwood off our beach.
After creating a pattern in the shape of an anchor, I transferred it to a thin piece of plywood and
had my hubby cut it out with a bandsaw.
Next, I painted it Cape Cod gray (since that's what my daddy had in his garage).
And this is where my project stopped...
...until today, when I laid out the driftwood pieces and glued them to the plywood.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!


Anne said...

This is such a cool idea! I'm a new follower!

Anonymous said...

That turned out great! Sharon

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Caroline! It is just wonderful! I love it and you have inspired me to find some driftwood next time at the beach.


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Love it!!

Lesli @ Beautifully Coastal Design Blog said...

Hi Karoline, You've been featured in a post about driftwood art with a link to this post. You can check it out here ...

If you like, you can grab an "I've Been Featured on Beautifully Coastal" button to show off :)

Thanks for the inspiration.

Lesli @

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Love your driftwood project! Cindy