Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage Ribbon and Lace Paper Doll

 I have admired these beautiful works of art for many years.

Maybe it's the charm of rustling petticoats and the long flowing skirts that I love.

Probably, the romance of ribbon and lace.

Whatever it is, they're just beautiful.

 Sometimes, these lovelies can be pretty pricey.  

I was happy to find this one for less than twenty dollars, which I thought that was a steal!

 While going through an old Needlecraft magazine from 1920, I found this advertisement.

 I totally would have ordered one to make - especially for a buck!

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CountryRefuge said...

This is really darling! Thanks for posting the 1920's ad--now my mind is busy trying to figure out how to do this, lol.