Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween 2013

To me, the best part about Halloween, is decorating.  Ya know,  I never was into seasonal decorating (well...except for Christmas), until I had kids.  
They get so excited and that makes it so fun!
Each year, I like to add something new and change things up a bit. 
One thing I added this year -  the 'BOO' sign I painted for our front porch entry that is bat infested.
Inside, I made a bare branch tree swarming with bats - scary!
The girls and I cut out bats from black construction paper and hot glued them randomly to the branches.
Kinda into bats this year, as you can see - ha! 
I'll be hosting a Halloween themed get-together next week, and wanted an easy craft for the group to do. 
 I thought fabric pumpkins would be fun and something that everyone could enjoy through Thanksgiving.
I used scraps of vintage chenille, driftwood for the stems, and felted wool sweaters for the leaves.
Having all the supplies on hand was a bonus!

Most people think it's crazy and creepy that I collect vintage baby doll heads.  How can something so cute be creepy?
For my tablescape, I added masquerade masks to the doll heads - OK... maybe a little creepy, but in a cute way - ha!

Well, there you have it.  A peek into Halloween 2013 at our house.
Now, if I only I could get into the dressing-up part of Halloween...

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Kathi said...

Cute decorating. I don't dress up, but my kids sure do. I'm sadly, a terrible decorator. I do try. I usually have lots of pumpkins on my porch. I love candles too. Happy New Year. Kathi