Monday, August 4, 2008

Stirring Up Dirt

Happy Monday everyone! I thought I share a bit of what we're doing around here.
A couple weeks ago my sweet hubby started a new project.
Our front lawn was in desperate need of a redo since it had become overrun with moss. Thankfully, my father-in-law has a Bobcat skidsteer that hubby could borrow to do some landscaping.
First off - scrap off all the old icky lawn!
Our front yard area has a slope to it that I don't like.
I've always wanted to have a flat front yard, so we decided to put in a rockery and fill dirt to make a nice flat grassy area.
We are using basalt rocks for the rockery.
Here is the start of the rockery. We'll have about 2 rows of the rock built up to make the yard level. We've already had 42 yards of fill dirt delivered and we need more! Hubby is putting in a sprinkler system too - yippee!!
It's really coming together nicely. I'll update more when there is more progress. I'm busy researching about trees, shrubs and plants that I want to add to the yard.
We're doing ok living with the dirt (ick)... I mean filthy feet! hehe
On another note, I've added a couple cute things to our front steps this week.
A little while ago Sharon shared a picture of a cute mailbox planter that she put together for her front porch. I thought hers was so charming that I just had to get one for myself.
I repainted my box black and stenciled U.S. Mail on it. I just love it!
I have been searching a long time for an old porch milk box. I was lucky enough last weekend to find one at an estate sale - 3 bucks, I was so happy! Yay, another cute planter on the steps. Now, I can't wait for the dahlias to bloom!


Connie said...

Those things are adorable on the porch, sweets! I'm wondering what state you're in??? We've been trying to get our yard in shape also. I'm really having fun looking, buying and figuring out where to put things. Hubs on the other hand isn't having fun PLANTING the stuff in this desert heat!! Well, I'll just take out the garden hose and hose him down!! Looks beautiful what you're doing though! Truly lovely,

LiLi M. said...

What a project! You are brave people! But I think it's going to be lovely as everything you touch!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful blog banner!

Linda said...

What a huge project...but it looks like you've got a great start...and it will be so nice when completed.

I love your mail box, I have one too and it also has flowers. Everyone once in awhile we'll have a new carrier and I'll find my mail in with the flowers...too funny. I finally put a tiny note on it saying...this is a decoration. So far so good:). Hugs, Linda

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Your porch items are great! I have an antique mailbox...maybe I will put some flowers in it! Thanks for the idea.