Saturday, July 11, 2009

2604 Yo Yos

The other day, my mom and I did a little thrift and antique shopping in the town of Freeland, here on Whidbey Island. One of my favorite antique mall - The Red Rooster in Freeland is a must visit, each time we're on the island.
I don't think I've told you how much I love yo yo quilts and how I've wanted one for a super long time... a really super long time... Well, I finally got one. Yippee! Whoohoo! While we were shopping my favorite antique mall on Thursday, I found it. Oh, and the best part - my mom bought it for me for my birthday, which is in August. Yay!
There are 2,604 yo yos hand sewn together to make this coverlet. So many awesome old feedsacks were used for the fabric. I particularly love the small size of the yo yos - they're about 1" in diameter. Think of the time that went into creating this quilt - whoa!
Can't wait to display it in our "couch room" - first I gotta get hubby to make me some type of hanging quilt rack... Ahem...oh, Honey!!!!


Caroline said...

It is a beautiful quilt...a lot of time must have went into that for sure!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a happy find. I've been going to make a yo-yo for happy you found yours!

Thanks for the antique mall tip of these days I'm going to have to take a little trip with the Hubbs! :-)


Linda Reeder said...

I love how you appreciate old fabrics. This is a beautiful example of love and labor from the past.
I have a few finds from that antique mall myself.

Anne said...

Happen to come across your blog and thought I'd leave a comment. What a beautiful quilt. So pretty. I to would love to have one of those. I've seen them on a few other blogs. One blog looked liked she was using it for a table cloth. I'm sure she wouldn't let anyone eat on it though. I'm sure it was for decortive purposes only.

June said...

I love this beautiful quilt. Oh how I would love to make it up to whidby Island some day to see it's loveliness.

Laurie said...

It's the perfect yo-yo quilt! How sweet of your mother to get it for you!

KatCollects said...

Your quilt is beautiful, a very special gift from your Mom.