Sunday, September 20, 2009

Le Bain

Recently, I crossed another "to do" off my list. I finally painted the cabinet in our main bathroom. Ridding the cabinet of its very 90's shiny brass hardware and painting the golden oak wood was long overdue.
Once the paint dried, it was time to re-accessorize the room. A few weeks ago, I found this cute shelf at an estate sale. Once I scrubbed off all the oil and grime, I discovered it was already painted the most perfect color for our main bath. I added the back piece to make it more of a cabinet since it sits on the countertop.
Here are a few close-ups around the room. Instead of purchasing all new brushed nickel accessories, I bought a can of spray paint and updated the towel bar, switchplates, etc... for only $3.00.
I love the metal locker room hanging basket my daddy found last summer at a garage sale, it makes a fun addition to the room. The cute little pink and white cabinet was found at a thrift store - perfect storage for all the girls hair accessories!


Cheryl said...

It all looks very pretty, Karoline!I too, had to paint over my oak cabinet vanity and medicine cabinet, does make a world of difference! Hope all is well, come by sometime!

Patina said...

Everything looks so pretty. I love all the colors!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Isn't it so amazing what a coat of white paint can do for anything?!!? I have two tables in my living room that no longer match the room since we painted it. I bought a couple of cans of paint and can't wait to sand and paint them. Thanks for all of your pics. That pink and white cabinet is adorable!! : )

~ Wendy

Little Pink Studio said...

Oooh, can you come decorate my bathroom please?!
I love the shelf you found and repurposed for your bathroom, and I love every single thing on that shelf too!
I actually have those same vintage perfume bottles and just about got rid of them, but I do think I'll keep them now. :)

Anonymous said...

very nice -
I thought you should know that I now have a very nice collection of A&W 4 sizes. ;-)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love the wire locker room caddy! Everything looks so cute, Karoline!


Karen said...

Very pretty! I Love all the colors. But I love Vintage, and they go hand in hand don't they!
Maybe I should start a to-do list . . . maybe it will all get one faster if it is staring me in the face in writing! LOL