Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today, we did a little May Day celebrating.
I put together the needed supplies last night, so when the girls woke up this morning, they could get right to work making their May baskets.
I kept the supplies simple - tin cans, scrapbook and vintage wallpaper papers, ribbons, tags, buttons, and wire.
Once the baskets were completed, we went for a walk through our yard and gathered any and all flowers we could find that were blooming.

Next came the best part - "Ding" and "Dash"!
Although the girls didn't really "Dash", they loved delivering their handmade baskets.

It was a fun day!


Rebecca said...

What fun and how sweet! Looks like the girls really enjoyed this! Happy May Day.


Anonymous said...

when i was little i would always pick a bouquet for my mom and put in on the front porch, ring the doorbell and dash around to the back of the house. this is such a darling tradition you are teaching your girls. happy may day!

June said...

Karoline this is just too cute for words. Each picture tells the sweetest story. A memory made that your little ones will cherish forever.

malia said...

too sweet! lucky neighbors to have such a lovely bunch of flowers on their doorsteps

Anonymous said...

I love this - it reminds me of my own sweet girls. We did that just a couple of years. good memories!

Little Pink Studio said...

Karoline, your little girls are just darling!
I would have loved to be one of your neighbors to receive those lovely May baskets. I think it's wonderful that you keep this tradition alive, I don't know of anyone that actually does this anymore!
Cerri xoxo

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your girls are so pretty ~ what a sweet post! :)

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

oh my GOSH, this is the most darling post!! I bet your girls were so excited. What little cuties!!


Preemie Donna said...

Love the pictures. That looks like so much fun I hope you dont mind if I steal it next year (I know you didn't invent may day.. LOL) but I would love to start a tradtion like that with my sweet little girl..

peggy said...

What a nice idea for your girls! I must suggest that to my granddaughters. They will always remember doing that with you and it is a lesson in serving others.