Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Old Fashion Hometown Parade

The little community of Maxwelton on Whidbey Island hosts a cute little 4th of July parade.
It was a fun way to start our celebration of Independence Day.
The Maxwelton Parade rolls down two blocks from the Maxwelton Farm to the Mackie baseball field. It may be the shortest parade in the world, but it's full of spirit!

It was fun to watch and share this experience with the girls. Since my hubby grew up on the Island, he spent many years celebrating the 4th in the same way.
2010 marked the parade's 95th year!


sue w. said...

oh that parade looked fun! We used to do the little parade in Tenino (end of July)during their Pioneer Days. Half the town would be in the parade, as they finished they would join the onlookers so that there would be people on the sidelines to watch. The Fire Dept. would drive slowly along the parade route and squirt people along the way. Lots of fun!

Lori said...

Oooohhhh, the girls are so adorable! I know they have to be so much fun, lucky you! Lori