Saturday, May 17, 2008

All In A Day's Work

I think we chose the hottest day of the year (today) to go get firewood....
My brother (well mostly my sister-in-law) is building a cabin on 5 acres in Eastern Washington. We are very fortunate that they share their downed trees with us for firewood.
6 cords of wood was cut and stacked today. Here they're loading the 3rd trailer of the day.
Daphne helped stack wood for a little while, then decided she much rather sit in the truck and eat Chex Mix...
Lumber Jack, oops I mean Grizzly Adams aka my brother cutting some lodge pole pine into rounds. It was such a gorgeous day. I love the smell of Ponderosa pine trees. Eastern Washington is such a beautiful place!
My brother's brother-in-law was here to help too.
The whole work crew posing including my parents, hubby, brother, and nephew. Daphne asked her daddy why he "put water" all over his face... I don't think she's ever seen him sweat like he did today. hehe
Sydney was busy running up and down the driveway, riding on the quad runner, and riding in the skidsteer most of the day.
15 minutes into the 2 hour drive home both girls conked out.
We were all in desperate need of a bath!

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Paula said...

And I thought *I* had a hot day. We got to 1/2 walk 1/2 run uphill about 10 blocks to drop Ellie off at the start of the Ballard parade and then work our way back to the end to wait for her. Sure beats chopping wood! ;0)