Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving Up...

Sydney's preschool years have come to an end and she's moving on up to kindergarten...
We went to the end of year open house last night. She was so excited to show us her art projects from her recent study of marine life.
She was so thrilled that both sets of her Grandparents were able to come and see her projects too. Grandpa and Grandma L are in the background and Grandpa and Grandma S are at the table with Daphne and Sydney. We're so thankful for the love and support our parents are to our girls. Sydney and Daphne have the best Grandparents ever!!
Ms. Crys and Ms. Cindy were Sydney's teachers this year. They are the sweestest ladies ever.
The preschool is in our church which I have been attending since I was 3 years old. I even went here to preschool way back in 1974. My mom was a teacher assistant at the preschool for many many years. This preschool is such a wonderful ministry of our church.
Now, Daphne is so excited that she gets to start preschool next year!


Linda said...

What a special evening for Sydney, her marine art project is great and she looks most happy in her picture.
I loved all your photos, you have a wonderful family. Hugs, Linda

Kathi said...

Your daughter is so precious. It's wonderful that the grandparents could come and that she was so excited about sharing her project. My son's last day of kindergarten will be next week. He had such a wonderful teacher. I hope next year will be just as wonderful.


Just Between Us Girls said...

Your Sydney is a darling. Such beautiful photographs and memories. How lucky you all are to have each other. Thank you for visting my blog and your kind ocmments which are very much appreciated.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh how sweet. They grow up right before your eyes.

Paula said...

Congratulations Sydney!!!