Thursday, December 11, 2008

Think Snow...

I've had these skates kicking around since February '08. They were one of my favorite finds from our church rummage sale. I couldn't wait to get 'em all dolled up.
First thing I did was spray paint them ballet pink and then that's as far as I got...
Spring came and I moved on to other projects and there they sat, under my ironing board until yesterday.
I finished them off by adding faux fur cuffs, lacing them up with vintage seam binding, adding silver glitter to the blades and glass glitter (to make 'em look frosty) to the boots. Oh, then I hung a sparkly star and added the "THINK SNOW" banner.
I love the addition of the skates hanging on the old door in our entry.
They have me thinking snow. We may even get some this weekend!


Lady Farmer said...

Oh! I love the ice skates. I have been looking for some for quite a while now. I never thought to paint them! Great idea. What kind of paint did you use may I ask?
Love the tree toppers in last post, also.

I am hoping we get snow,too!

LiLi M. said...

Is there anything you make that I don't love?
I bet your girls want to use them! Have fun if it's going to snow!

Connie said...

Do people actually skate in those gorgeous skates, honey?!?! They're too pretty to put on the ice. I love them but at my age I wouldn't skate unless I had a death wish. Whooooa. But I love the way your decorated them.

Unknown said...

I would have KILLED for pink ice skates when I was a little girl. Perhaps that is too strong of a word to use as I really wouldn't have resorted to violence, nonetheless, I had a pair of old crackly white ice skates that worked just fine, but PINK!!! Oh, I love (and loved) pink!

Anonymous said...

Those look great. I've been wanting to do the same thing but I wasn't sure that I could get away with spray painting them. I'm gonna have to give it a try. too cute!

Miss Gracie's House said...

soo cute!! Ha, ha on th esitting on the ironing board-were you at my house:) I actually have a basketful of them-waiting to be *transformed* Maybe i'll get to them yet!
Truly adorable!

Kathy said...

How absolutely darling! Loves it!!

Peggy said...

Your pink skates turned out so great. I may need to find me some and do this myself.


Rochelle said...

I love the pink skates.....i did the same with some black ones I had and added red boa trim, red satin laces, and red glitter to the blades!
Happy New Year!