Monday, December 8, 2008

What To Do When The Charlie Brown Christmas Special Is On...

Here's a quick little project I did this evening while everyone else in the house was preoccupied with the Charlie Brown Christmas special on TV.
First thing I did was to print out a few vintage postcard images on cardstock. I have a "Creative Cardmaking" cd that has a nice selection of vintage images - these three are my favorite...
I then went out into the garage and found some thin wood and cut out pieces the same size as the printed images.
Once I glued the images on the wood with spray mount, I drilled two holes to run some ribbon through for hanging.
Next I sanded all the edges and the top of the image too - aging it a bit.
I sprayed a clear coat of sealer to the entire image because I didn't want the ink to smear when I used wet glue to add glitter. Just a touch of glitter was used to accent a few places on each image.
I hung the little plaques in our entryway.
All completed in less than an hour.


LiLi M. said...

Great idea! But I have to learn myself to use a saw and a drill first..that would be a great idea to accomplish in 2009 AND learning how to crochet as well.
Thanks for inspiration (I could always use thick cardboard too, of course ;-))

vintage girl at heart said...

These are beautiful, the things you create in a jiffy are just amazing!! I have been admiring your work for a bit and left you an award on my blog.
Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

What a fun and cute idea! I love how they turned out!

Michele said...

OMG...that is tooo cute! What a great idea. I watched the whole Charlie Brown last that little snoopy!


Maria said...

You did a great job with those santas!!


Wanita said...

Your plaques are beautiful, and so is that shelf they are hanging on.


Kathi said...

I love these. They look so nice and so professional. You are quite skilled. I love the glitter too.


Lady Farmer said...

What a fun project! I found some of these images on the internet (public domain). I may have to try this. Thanks for the crafty idea!
Now, I am going to take a peek at the rest of your blog. ;~}

Barbara Jean said...

Cute. How fun and easy was that project?
Your 'shelf' that you hung them on- it looks like it was a table in a prior life. Was it?
Off to read some more.
tAhnks for sharing.
Barbara Jean