Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If I Was Going To Prom Today...

...this is the dress I'd be wearing!
I picked up this beauty last week, while antiquing.
I'm in love with all the vintage 50's fluff and frills.
It is quite different from the dress I wore to my prom in 1988. Check out all the sequins and lame', not to mention the bubble skirt!
Even though my designer dress was featured in the magazines, I think my current taste is much better, don't you?


Anonymous said...

That {vintage} dress is exquisite...just beautiful!

Unknown said...

Love the 80's photo!!! What fun dress. That is something I would've loved to have worn in the 80's! I was such an 80's girl it was ridiculous! I was devastated when the grunge of the 90's came by...I had NOTHING to wear, LOL!

Your vintage dress is lovely. :)

Diane Mars said...

Sure do love that Vintage Dress you found!
It would be a must for Prom Night.
Hugs, Diane

LiLi M. said...

Yeah I totally agree with you. It reminds me of my daughter who said that she was happy that she always dresses normal, very unlike me, who was proven to be dressed totally wrong in the past. She simply doesn't understand the idea that fashion changes that much, that what was normal back then is hilarious today, as her clothes and hairstyle will be tomorrow. Haha you'll wait and see. I love to see those very wrong 80-ties fashion photos don't you?

Ivy Bend said...

It's beautiful ... looks just like something my Barbie wore!

Unknown said...

Oh I love the dress!!!! Your pictures are very funny and yes, you have better taste. I want to learn how to make a ruffled tuile skirt. Wouldn't that be cute!!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I am totally diggin' the Get Down On It music - one of my favorites, still to this day!!! Boogie Woogie good music!! LOVE the prom dress!!! Totally cool and you are just a doll. Oh my, how times have changed in fashion, haven't they?