Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Party Cups

As soon as Jenny posted her tutorial for Halloween nut cups for Joli Paquet, I grabbed my stash of old photos 'cause I Just had to make some of these!

Nut cups make a neat addition to any table setting - such a fun party favor!

Besides trying to clean-up the house today, I'll be making a few more of these, that's for sure.
Enjoy your weekend!!!


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your nut cups are just great! I need to get a stash of old photos too! I've been enjoying your blog since I bought some totes from you on ebay a few years ago. Thanks for sharing with us out here! (I'm always asked where I got them! I get lots of compliments on them.)

Alison Gibbs said...

What wonderful creations. Such fun for halloween

Unknown said...

Hi Karoline. I just found you while over at Its So Very Cheri. I just love all you cute and creative ideas. I'm crazy about vintage and this halloween treat cups are just so cute ~ I'm mean really!! And that almond joy cupcake recipe looks so delicious, I can't wait to try that one. Oh and what about that adorable pillowcase apron. Too, too cute, very smart idea and wonderfully creative. I can't wait to come back and spend more time reading your past post.
Have a blessed day...Tracy

P.S. I'll be hosting a new giveaway that I'm going to post this afternoon. I'd love you to stop by and enter.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Those are absolutely adorable!!!! I just LOVE them!!!! : )

~ Wendy said...

Those are so delightful!