Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Snow

This snowy view from our front steps was taken this afternoon. It's been sooo cold here this week. We can't seem to get out the 40's. It was about 38 degrees when the snow was falling. Everything turned white for a bit - now it's just raining...


the said...

Oh yes, isnt this Spring Break Snow great?....... NOT! Ugh, Im so tired of it ! Maybe someday we will see the sun again!

Cindy said...

Pretty, but not so fun here at the end of March I'm sure.


love of yellow roses said...

Love the SNOW!! Here in North Carolina we have not seen very much of that this year, my boys would be in heaven to be there right now. Congratulations! I drew you name in my birdhouse giveaway. If you will email me you infor I will send your favorite to you.
Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! But what a shame you aren't getting some lovely Spring sunshine.


Rose of Sharon said...

Wow! That is so pretty! We have been having snow and lots of hail! It is crazy and cold! But then an hour later it will be sunny again. This is spring!

:0) Sharon