Friday, May 2, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell
I've missed a couple weeks of Kelli's Show & Tell Friday. Even though I'm really late, I have something I wanted to share today.
My friend Cheryl sent me a flat rate box full, stuffed, I'm talking totally jammed packed with some amazing trreasures!
Probably, one of the coolest things I've ever received, she included in the box. It is an autograph book from the 1880's. I was speechless when I opened it up! The specs were another item she put in the box too. I think they look so great together!
I'm enjoying reading through all the inscriptions. Jennie Clark who was the original owner of the book received some wonderful words from her friends.
This one says" Miss Jennie- To see you is to love you And love but you forever For nature made you what you are And never made such another." Your friend Rhett
This one is so sweet too. It says, "To Jennie dear. May all happiness on thee attend. May you never want nor lose a friend. May you have all you desire. And win the boy you most admire. Lovingly Ella May
I was blown away with this pencil drawing of an open book with beautiful detailed flowers all around it. The inscription reads, "If there's any sunshine Let your spirit find it, Let the bygone darkness go, and never mind it. May 4, 1885 Reese Davidson"
One other writing in the book says, "Dear Jennie, Never be ashamed of your love of home and the dear ones there; it will be your surest safeguard from the evil influences of the world, with which you may come in contact." Columbus Ga Nov 2,1884
Here is an overall picture of all the items Cheryl packed into the box she sent me. Everything she gave me is marvelous. Check out all the old old books too!
Cheryl sells great stuff all the time which you can find here.
Thanks for stoping by!
Please check out Kelli's house for the links to the other show & tell players.
Have a great weekend!


Kelli said...

Oh, this is my kind of treasure...I love it! The sayings are so sweet and romantic!

Linda said...

I love all your precious treasures. The autograph book is so sweet....all the lovely sentiments, such pretty hand writing and the wonderful drawing, a lovely keepsake...I enjoyed seeing it. Linda

Glenda said...

It's like an early christmas present. I really like reading the old autograph books. My mother had one and it is so nice to see things you've never read before. It's like a poem.
Just great for you to share.

Anonymous said...

Love it! My grandpa had an old autograph book. We found some somewhat risque entries in it from girls, especially for that time! How fun to find one and think about who the original owner was!

Rebecca said...

Wow! You have a very special friend who must think you are very special too, to send you such a great gift!! I love it!!

Wanita said...

What wonderful gifts you received from your friends. The autograph book is so lovely!

Jen Glover said...

That is sooooo Great! What a treasure! I have never seen anything like that. Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

Needled Mom said...

And don't you just love the beautiful writing too? That is such a fun item to have shared.

Rose of Sharon said...

Oh my goodness.....what a fabulous gift! That must have been so fun to tear into! I love everything! I really love and appreciate the old autograph book, just wonderful!

Thanks for sharing!

:0) Sharon

nancy said...

wowie zowee! What a mail day you had. Can she be my new best friend? I remember when we did autograph books. I don't have any of mine. It would be fun to see what they said. I remember a lot of "cute" "nice" and "good luck with ___fill in the blank with current heartthrob's name. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, what agreat gift! How can you ever top that gift? I am in love with Rhett!...Kathy

Paula said...

This is SO neat. The drawing is amazing! I need to get back to show & tell too. I've been meaning for a couple weeks now, to post a picture of Ellie's chair.

Anonymous said...

Karoline, it's all so beautiful!! I love the autograph book what a wonderful treasure.


A Hint of Home said...

I love the old letters, journal,etc. They write with such elegance. I have read many journals from the civil war and even George Washington's. It is displayed at his mother's house in Fredericksburg, VA. They are so special to read. They spoke with such grace. Great post!

Summer Gypsy said...

I love your treasure! I collect old letters and journals. It is so awesome to hold such a piece of personal history from someone in another time and place. I love all the other goodies, too. What a fantastic mail day for you!


Great stuff! loved the autograph book!